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List of Projects for PhD in Engineering

All applicants who are interested in applying for the international PhD programs at Walailak University must first look up at our potential advisors’s profiles on the College of Graduate Studies website to find the research topic and advisor that matches your field of interest. If you identify research area and potential research advisor, you are encouraged to send a research proposal directly to the advisor you are interested in working with. For scholarships, please contact the College of Graduate Studies at grad.walailak@gmail.com.

Thesis Titles/Research TopicsPotential AdvisorsContact
1. Reconfigurable Antenna Design
2. A Low-cost Microwave Sensor Design for Moisture Content of Rubber Wood Determination
Asst.Prof.Dr.Thunyawat Limpitithunyawat.li@wu.ac.th
1. Fungal resistance and properties of essential oil treated rubberwood particleboards
2. Lightweight Sandwich Panel from Oil Palm Wood Core and rubberwood Veneer Faces
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Pannipa Chaowanampannipa@wu.ac.th
1. Optimization of lipase inactivation by using microwave and hot-air drying of palm fruits in steam-less palm oil millDr.Nirattisai Rakmaknirattisai.ra@wu.ac.th
1. Development of cross laminated timber from local wood species in Thailand for building constructionAsst.Prof.Dr.Suthon Srivarossuthon@wu.ac.th
1. Utilization of wastes from agriculture and industrial as construction materialsDr.Kittipong Kunchariyakunkittipong.ku@wu.ac.th
1. The design and implementation of a fully integrated readout circuit for a LC passive wireless sensor, which is based on the principle of inductively coupled LC resonant circuitsDr.Siraporn Sakphromsiraporn.sa@wu.ac.th
1. Porous materials for energy storage applicationsAsst.Prof.Dr.Uthen Thubsuanguthen.th@wu.ac.th
1. Production of succinic acid / Utilization of lignin and its derivativesAssoc.Prof.Dr.Kamchai Nuithitikulkamchai.nu@wu.ac.th
1. Modeling of lipase inactivation by microwave and drying in a continuous drying of oil palm fruits
2. Dynamic modeling and optimal control of hybrid channel biogas plants
3. Process modeling and optimization for smart oil-palm mill
Asst.Prof.Dr.Chairat Siripatanaschairat@wu.ac.th
1. The improvement of rubber and palm wood by the impregnation of polymer into the woodAsst.Prof.Dr.Sureurg Khongtongksureurg@wu.ac.th
1. An efficient kiln drying of lumber: the project aims to use basic understanding on viscoelastic and mechano-sorptive creep to reduce the drying time without causing defectsAssoc.Prof.Dr.Nirundorn Matanmnirundo@yahoo.com
1. Deep Learning in Image Processing for Autonomous VehiclesAsst.Prof.Dr.Srawouth Chandhaketcsarawou@wu.ac.th
1. Synthesis of bioplastic film from bacterial cellulose for air pollution treatment
2. Treatment of Benzene by Photo Catalytic Oxidation Process Using TiO2/Polyisoprene Film
3. Pyrolysis of biomass from agricultural industries in Southern Thailand to produce alternative energy
Asst.Prof.Dr.Wipawee Khamwichitkwipawee@wu.ac.th