Monitoring system for graduate students to progress their thesis and research works

How to Start with GRADMS

  1. CGS imports student data and informs user name and password of GRADMS to graduate students and advisors.

  2. Student discusses with General Advisor to create study plan.

  3. Student records study plan in GRADMS and asks General Advisor for an approval.

  4. General Advisor considers the study plan and gives the consideration (Approved/Disapproved).

  5. Student manages research plan and submits to advisor for an approval.

  6. Thesis Advisor gives a consideration for research plan.

  7. Student reports the first progress to Thesis Advisor.

  8. Thesis Advisor approves the student’s progress.

  9. Student inform Program Staff the approval progress.

  10. Program staff receives the first progress in GRADMS, then informs to CGS.

  11. Program staff informs the first progress to CGS.

Start with GRADMS (Student)