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A Guideline to Submit Thesis/IS for Plagiarism Checking by Turnitin

  1. The Thesis/IS file submitted for plagiarism checking should be converted to Portable Document Format (.pdf).
  2. The pdf file should be less than 40 MB. In case of the pdf file larger than 40 MB, it should be separated into Chapters.
  3. Please, rename the PDF file with your first name in English eg. ‘Somruethai.pdf’. (In case of submitting multiple files, please name the file with your name following by indexing word such as “Somruethai Abstract.pdf”, “Somruethai Chap1-5.pdf” etc.).
  1. Users must be students or advisors in WU. *use E-mail : or to submit files only*
  2. User fills out personal information and submits pdf files in submission form (Google form: URL =
  3. After submitting the files, please remind CLM staff for plagiarism checking via E-mail: according to the details below.

    Subject: Submission of Thesis/IS file for plagiarism checking with Turnitin

    Dear Miss Aporn Chaisuwan
    I already submitted Thesis/IS file for plagiarism checking.
    Please kindly consider checking Thesis/IS file by using Turnitin.

    Yours Sincerely,
    [your name]

or inform via CLM Line Official 

4. The CLM staff will send the results or an originality report back to your informed E-mail.

For more information, please contact CLM staff: Tel: +66 7567 3000 ext. 73340 or Tel: +66 7567 3340

  1. Student submits Turnitin originality report to Thesis/IS advisor at least 15 days prior setting the date of Thesis/IS defense. (attached with CGS-T11/1).
  2. At a defense date, Thesis/IS advisor reports the similarity index to Thesis/IS defense committee.
  3. Student submits the Turnitin originality report attached with CGS-T11/1 to College of Graduate Studies.

CLM and CGS staffs can check all submission lists here.
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