List of Projects for PhD in Drug and Cosmetic Innovation

All applicants who are interested in applying for the international PhD programs at Walailak University must first look up at our potential advisors’s profiles on the College of Graduate Studies website to find the research topic and advisor that matches your field of interest. If you identify research area and potential research advisor, you are encouraged to send a research proposal directly to the advisor you are interested in working with. For scholarships, please contact the College of Graduate Studies at

Dr. Attawadee Sae Yoon
Program coordinator
Thesis Titles/Research Topics Potential Advisors Contact
1. Drug and cosmetic for cancer patient
2. Natural product development for special case (cancer patient)
1. Drug delivery system with novel technology, for example, self-nanoemulsifying system, film forming system for wound healing or skin delivery, 3D printed microneedle
2. Novel ingredients for cosmetic product
Dr. Attawadee Sae
1. Post-harvesting treatment of tumuric for curcumin production enhancement
2. Bioconversion of phytochemicals to the higher absorbable form using enzymes
Dr. Gorawit
1. The Selection of Thermodurant Bacterial Probiotic for Application Using in Pla-Som Production
2. In vitro Capability of Bile-Salt-Hydrolyze Enzyme Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria Probiotic in reducing of Cholesterol
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Monthon
1. Development and evaluation of polymeric film membrane containing Chromolaena odorata leaf extract and Centella asiatica leaf extract for treatment of fresh wound
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Somchai Sawatdee
1. Pharmaceutical cocrystal
2. Biopolymer for drug delivery system
Dr. Tanatchaporn
1. Pharmaceutical technology
2. Cosmetic sciences
Dr. Thipapun
1. Neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases model
2. Oxidative stress parameters in neurodegenerative diseases model
3. Neuropharmacological activities and neuroprotective effect of herbal medicine
Dr. Phetcharat
1.Controlled drug delivery systemsAsst.Prof.Dr. Chutima
1.Oral drug delivery systemsAsst.Prof.Dr. Namfa
1. Search for antimicrobial agents from environmental samples
2. Determination of protein structure by X-ray crystallography

Asst.Prof.Dr. Apichart Atipairin