In-service Teachers’ Training – The Case of University Teachers in Yangon, Myanmar

Walailak Frontier 05, October 2018


In-service Teachers’ Training  The Case of University Teachers in Yangon, Myanmar


the professional development of the teachers


Teacher training and other professional development programs are an important element for the preparation and qualifications of teachers to teach in the classroom and for the education reform of the country. As there are only a few teacher-related studies conducted in Myanmar and in the ASEAN region, finding out the views, the challenges, and the benefits of the teacher training from the university lecturers in Yangon and its implication to the language education is vital in understanding the state and condition of the English language teaching and learning in Myanmar and in its continued education reform.

In order to fulfill the objectives of the study, an in-depth interview was employed. The data, which were subjected to qualitative content analysis were taken from the participants’ personal knowledge and experience of the teacher training program. The transcripts were read many times, coded, and assigned to different themes. Although the results of the present study revealed some issues and challenges in the training program (tight teaching workload, being weak and poor in listening skill due to teachers’ unfamiliarity of the native speaker’s accent and pronunciation, and difficulty to adapt to the communicative learning and teaching styles of teaching), teachers still held positive views about the teacher training program they attended. Teacher-trainees were glad to participate in the program as they got to expose themselves to English speaking teachers, practice their English skills, and enhance their confidence in using the English language in communication. Thus, it was concluded that teacher training plays an important role in the professional development of the teachers and is a significant factor in improving their teaching skills and confidence. Therefore, teacher training and other professional development programs should be prioritized and new classroom teaching trends should be provided for the teachers to advance the education system not only in Myanmar but in all countries in the ASEAN region.


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