Drug Discovery: A Focus in Antibiotic Discovery from the Streptomyces species

Drug Discovery: A Focus in Antibiotic Discovery from the Streptomyces species


Antibiotic Discovery from the Streptomyces species


Streptomyces species is one of many groups in genus of Gram-positive bacteria that grow in various environments. Their shape resembles filamentous fungi, involves the formation of a layer of hyphae that can differentiate into a chain of spores. The most interesting property of Streptomyces is the ability to produce bioactive secondary metabolites, especially antibiotics. The production of most antibiotics is species specific, and these secondary metabolites are important for Streptomyces species in order to compete with other microorganisms in the same environments.

Emergence of antibiotic resistant pathogens is changing the way scientists look for new antibiotic compounds, the constant need for research and development of new antibiotics. It is necessary to expedite the search for new compounds with antibiotic activity to race against the increased prevalence of multi-resistant strains. Our  research team aims to enhance antibiotic production in Streptomyces. These include, (i) to improve culture media for the production of antibiotic biosynthetic pathways, and (ii) to search for antibiotics that might be applied in Streptomyces natural habitats. These research strategies should accelerate the discovery process when the urgency for new compounds is higher than ever. Our research results lead to many patented research innovations, eg. Sanitizing spray, Anti-acne products, etc.











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  • Anti-acne gel made of bacteriocin. Apply for a patent no. 1001000495 (http://ipmo.wu.ac.th)

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