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Assoc.Prof.Dr.Phongpichit Channuie


ExpertiseCosmic Inflation and its verifiable consequences,
Modified Theory of Gravity,
Physics Beyond the Standard Model,
Model of Dark Energy
Telephone0-7567-3000 Ext. 2946, 4281, 4282
Internal2946, 4241, 4282
E - mailphongpichit.ch@mail.wu.ac.th


Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nirundorn Matan


ExpertiseDetection and control of internal stress within wood,
Collapse in oil palm lumber during drying,
Color change in rubberwood during processing,
Efficiency improvement in lumber processing
Telephone0-7567-2348, 0-7567-2304-5
Internal2348, 2304-5
E - mailmnirundo@yahoo.com


Assoc.Prof.Dr.Chuchard Punsawad


ExpertisePathology and Pathogenesis of malaria,
Antimalarial activity of Thai herbs,
Medical Parasitology
Telephone0-7567-2872, 0-7567-2801-4
Internal2872, 2801-4
E - mailchuchard.wu@gmail.com


Asst.Prof.Dr.Phanit Koomhin


ExpertiseBrain sciences
Telephone0-7567-2874, 0-7567-2801-4
Internal2874, 2801-4
E - mailphanit.ko4@gmail.com


Asst.Prof.Dr.Apsorn Sattayakhom


ExpertiseComplementary and Alternative Medicine
Telephone0-7567-2185, 0-7567-2703-4
Internal2185, 2703-4
E - mailapsorn.sa@wu.ac.th


Dr.Pimchanok Pimton


ExpertiseCell and developmental biology
Telephone0-7567-2031, 0-7567-2005
Internal2031, 2005
E - mail0-7567-2031, 0-7567-2005


Asst.Prof.Dr.Apirak Payaka


ExpertiseComputational Chemistry
Telephone0-7567-3000 Ext. 4281, 4282
Internal4281, 4282
E - mailapirak.pa@mail.wu.ac.th