List of Projects for PhD in Science

All applicants who are interested in applying for the international PhD programs at Walailak University must first look up at our potential advisors’s profiles on the College of Graduate Studies website to find the research topic and advisor that matches your field of interest. If you identify research area and potential research advisor, you are encouraged to send a research proposal directly to the advisor you are interested in working with. For scholarships, please contact the College of Graduate Studies at

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee
Program chairman and Coordinator
Thesis Titles/Research TopicsPotential AdvisorsContact
1. Dengue transmission prediction using SARIMA models
2. Fiddler crab behavior and ecology
3. Coral reef ecology and coral sensor network
1. Sensor, IoT and Precision farming system
2. Coral sensor network
3. Information Technology
1. Competition for space between coral and sponge at differently disturbed coral reefsAsst.Prof.Dr.Udomsak
1. Diversity and Phylogeny of Thai Boesenbergia
2. Diversity and Phylogeny of Thai Curcuma
3. Pollination of gingers
1. Marine microbial bio-resources for biotechnology utilization and mangrove conservationDr.Jariya
1. Isolation and in vitro evaluation of bacterial virus against multidrug resistant bacterial isolates
2. In vivo efficacy of therapeutic bacterial virus used to treat infections of multidrug resistant bacteria
1. Number theory
2. Classical analysis especially in the stability of functional equations
1. Novel process for permanent magnetic MnBi synthesis
2. Synchrotron characterization of rare-earth free permanent magnets
3. Synchrotron characterization of ancient pottery
1. Data analysis and programming in data science
2. Big data or environmental data
1. Commodity Price Modeling and Valuation of Commodity Derivatives such as Futures, American Options, Exotic Options, and Swing Options on CommodityAssoc.Prof.Dr.Sanae